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Welcome to the professional massagetherapy clinic

  • 54 rue de la Foret, L-1534 Luxembourg
  • Mon to Fri 10:00am to 6:30pm

First Visit

What can I expect?

  • Start of the massage session

    Your massage therapist will meet you and take you to your treatment room. He or she will ask you the reason(s) you are coming in for a massage, your current physical condition and any specific areas you wish to focus on during your treatment. If necessary, an assessment will be made to find the cause of your pain. After that your therapist will leave the room while you undress to your comfort level.
    After undressing, you will lie under the top sheet on the massage table. Your therapist will only uncover the part of your body he or she is working on, so that your modesty is respected during your session. Make the most of your appointment...

  • During your session

    Your time begins the moment you enter your treatment room. Try to be concise when discussing treatment with your therapist and disrobe promptly.At the beginning of your treatment, your therapist will ask you to let them know if you are, at any time, uncomfortable during your session. Everyone is different. Communicate with your therapist about pressure or anything else that might improve your session. Your therapist will appreciate your feedback.

    No pain, no gain? It is not true that massage therapy must be painful to be effective. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is no pain and 10 is extreme pain, the pressure should always be less than 7. Some of the most effective types of massage therapy are gentle and do not involve deep pressure or pain. In fact, too much pressure can cause muscles to lock up, but it depends on the situation.

  • End of the session

    Once the session is over, your therapist will leave the room so you can get dressed. Depending on your treatment, your therapist may take time to review recommendations, exercises or stretches. This time is included in your session.