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Welcome to the professional massagetherapy clinic

  • 54 rue de la Foret, L-1534 Luxembourg
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Pressotherapy is a paramedical specialty whose goal is to increase blood circulation in a specific area of the body. To do so, it uses different methods to stimulate blood exchange. The elements used to achieve this feat are boots of a very large size.

It should be noted that these treatment sessions are not very long. In fact, they last about 30 minutes. Before starting, your therapist will analyze you to see where to apply the pressotherapy. Once the area(s) are known, you will have to put on the leg boots.

Physiological effects of pressotherapy:

Increased venous and lymphatic flow.

  • Acceleration of liquid resorption,
  • Reduces the feeling of heavy legs,
  • Elimination of waste and toxins.
  • Reduces leg fatigue.
  • What can I expect after the session?

    Pressotherapy is a very relaxing experience. Immediately after the treatment, your legs should feel extremely light and relaxed. In addition, you may feel an increased urge to urinate due to the mobilization of water.

  • Indications :

    - Heavy and voluminous legs (water retention),
    - Sensitivity of fatty areas,
    - Nervous, stressed client,
    - Post-operative discomfort in agreement with the surgeon,
    - Slight circulatory problems.

  • Counter indications:

    - Varicose diseases, advanced arteriopathies,
    - Tumors, cancers, etc.,
    - Local infections, dermatoses,
    - Phlebitis
    - Cardiac problems, Hypertension,
    - All other medial contraindications.

Our Benefits

Pressotherapy has the power to act on veins, cellulite and heavy legs to eliminate water retention and toxins. It also has an action against the appearance of varicose veins. The compression will produce a permanent pressure preventing the veins from dilating and thus accelerating the venous return towards the heart allowing an improvement of the blood circulation. This will break up the static fat cells. Indeed, the treated body parts will be smoother and thinner. Your silhouette will be refined.

  • Are there any side effects?
  • Do you feel a frequent need to urinate?
  • This is normal, it means that the treatment is working well and that the water is being eliminated!
  • There are no side effects that have been reported to us.

Pressotherapy is for women and men. Pressotherapy is intended for women and men with circulatory problems, lymphoedema, cellulite, localized fat (e.g., saddlebags, love handles) or heavy legs. It is also intended for athletes who want to accelerate their recovery after exercise.