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Welcome to the professional massagetherapy clinic

  • 54 rue de la Foret, L-1534 Luxembourg
  • Mon to Fri 11:00am to 6:30pm

Therapists Details

Jason Edwards

Massage Therapist

Jason has long been involved in the health care system and served the public for years. His is passionate about providing the best possible care for each client, providing a thorough understanding and knowledge of injury treatment and prevention. Jason will also help you achieve your treatment goals by providing care such as stretching, strengthening and self-care. He has gained many skills through his close experiences with palliative care, complex care and sports therapy. As he continues to work as a massage therapist, he will continue to take additional courses to be able to apply different modalities to the treatments he provides to his clients.

Swedish Massage
Deep Tissus Massage
Sport Massage
Jason Edwards
CEO & Massage Therapist
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Wellness practitioner
Sandra Juchem
Wellness practitioner